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☞ बुकिंग चालू ।। बुकिंग चालू ☜

दिनांक:- 08/12/2021
सिर्फ़ एक गेम बदलेगा आपकी जिंदगी जो आज तक हमसे जुड़ा है वो सिर्फ़ एक बार में मालामाल हुआ है। 
सीधा मटका आफ़िस के मेनेजर से लीक गेम सिर्फ 1 ओपन 1 जोड़ी और 2 पत्ती  होगी गारंटी चांस 101% अचूक ।
हमारे द्वारा दिया गया अंक और जोड़ी  पैसा वापसी की ग्यारंटी के साथ बूकिंग किया जता है।
यदि आपको दिया गया गेम बाय चान्स फैल होता हे तो 2 घंटे मे एडवांस वापस दिया जाएगा 
या 7 दिन की गेम फ्री भेजा जाएगा| 

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☎ 09142669004 ☎

ट्रायल डेमो ओर फ्री गेम वाले कॉल कर के परेशान न करे |

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(09:30 pm to 11:45 pm )
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Date: 08/12/2021

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 Date : 03/12/2021

Time Bazar Fix Jodi = 26 Pass

Milan Day Single Jodi = 92 Pass

Kalyan Fix Open Panna = 445 Jodi = 31 Pass

Milan Night Single Open Panna = 890 Pass

Rajdhani Night Fix Single Jodi = 35 Close Panna = 140 Pass

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milan night jodi chart
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time bazar panel chart madhur day panel chart milan day panel chart rajdhani day panel chart kalyan panel chart madhur night panel chart milan night panel chart kalyan night panel chart rajdhani night panel chart main bazar panel chart



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During the flourishing of textile mills in Mumbai Satta, many mill workers played matka, resulting in bookies opening their shops in and around the mill areas, predominantly located in Parel in Central Mumbai and Kalbadevi in South Mumbai. Numbers would be written on pieces of paper and put into a Matka, a large earthen pitcher. One person would then draw a chit and declare the winning numbers. Over the years, the practice changed, so that three numbers were drawn from a pack of playing cards, but the name "matka" was kept.

Boss Matka

Get ready to be the part of the boss Matka at DPBOSS.TEAM. Here is a site which opens various Satta Matka opportunities for you. Get the best Kalyan Matka along with many other Matka options. There is a fixed opening and closing time for each Matka so, say goodbye to endless waiting. Milan morning starts at 10:15 AM every morning. There are many reasons to choose DPBOSS.TEAM as your Matka destination:

• Traditional yet modern: Get the feel of the authentic tradition carried by our forefathers in the Matka scenario. Dpboss is the boss Matka in the market.
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• Randomness: There is no pattern to be followed. Its pure luck and knowledge of boss Matka that would carry you forward. Nobody can know the number before it is released without proper count chart analysis.
• Trick forum: DPBOSS.TEAM offers you a forum to learn the art of Matka betting. Learn from the experts. Even the newcomers are welcomed.
• Online Matka games: DPBOSS.TEAM takes anonymity very seriously. Play boss Matka from anywhere and everywhere worldwide. Do transactions from your home without moving to allocated spots to bet.
• Live Results: Be the eye witness of numbers being displayed live over time. This eliminates the chance of fraud. Get real results and assured reward of perfect guess.
• Forums to help new-comers: Boss Matka has various forums to support people who are new into the market. The Satta Matka guessing forum helps individuals get expert opinions and predictions from renowned numerologists and astrologers.
• Final number trick chart: This is the most valuable part of DPBOSS.TEAM which isn’t offered anywhere else. Now the tricks and tips to get the final number chart.

Matka Boss Result

Memberships are offered to regular players, and they have many benefits as well. Call out your single, Jodi or Patti with confidence. 101% passing chance is being provided on each round. Get many awaited panel charts which will help you through your daily predictions free. You can also practice your skills by playing free on the website and then join paid servers to win money. DPBOSS.TEAM always encourages growth and prosperity. Ratan Khatri model of drawing numbers makes the game exciting and straightforward.

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